GoPro HERO3+ Review


The GoPro HERO3+ is one camera that will help you capture all the most exciting times in your life with high quality images. Every person loves to remember memorable times that mean a lot in their life. With this camera, all you need to capture and share with your friends will be in high quality definitions. The camera gives users a wide angle perspective with many several features for convenience and versatility. The light mode is auto low enabling frame adjustment for high quality performance.

The most obvious question new users will ask is how effective it works. Everybody wants a product that gives good value for their money. Its compatibility and lens sharpness makes it the most advanced GoPro camera in the market. It one of the best camera you can have and personally I can rate it 4 stars. There are over 1000 reviews on Amazon alone explaining people’s experiences and testimonies on this camera.

Go Pro Hero+

Key features of the GoPro HERO3+

  • Live preview. One is capable of seeing what the camera sees as they capture events
  • Users are able to share what they capture through various social sites like Face book, Instagram, email, text or any other app
  • Photos can be viewed with this camera and videos recorded can be played back
  • Users can browse their camera history and delete any videos or photos from the memory card they no longer need
  • Videos and photos from your camera can be copied to your GoPro album on the tablet or smartphone
  • The camera can be controlled remotely by adjusting setting and pressing start or stop when recording

Pros of the GoPro HERO3+

Go Pro Hero

This camera has several benefits which make it one of the best cameras in the market today. With some great features, this camera is user friendly and very efficient in many ways. The pros of this camera include:

  • 4 times faster Wi-Fi that enables faster video and photo sharing within a range of 180 meters. Up to 50 cameras can be shared making photo shooting more enjoyable.
  • The camera also gives very sharp images at close range which makes it ideal for people taking very close photos. These images have less distortion ensuring all that is recorded is pure quality.
  • The audio of this camera is also greatly improved and even the subtle sounds can be captured when recording music, and voices.
  • The battery is long lasting which makes it possible to record for longer without having to change your batteries from time to time. The
    battery life is 30% more compared to other models.
  • The control of this camera is very easy which makes operational easy. One can easily view what they have captured and share with friendlies with easy.


  • The camera does not give the best images when they are taken at a greater distance. Images at a further distance appear blurred
  • The lens can also flare from the light occasionally and this may not give quality images if not corrected
  • The camera does not open or close smoothly. One has to be careful to avoid breaking it when opening or closing it

Go Pro Hero+


This camera can turn out to be the best you have ever owned but it is always essential to read and understand all features before buying it. The reviews are very positive and most that have used it recommend it as a perfect camera to capture the most exciting moments of your life.

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