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About Jackie (Jay): Has a Media background in journalism, video production, radio production, radio presentation and has produced several voice overs for national and local radio stations. Disabled with diabetes and neuropathy. Will review any type of household items, kitchen items, white goods, technology, food, drink, shoes, beauty items such as false nails, nail polish, gifts, dog items, slimming goods etc apart from intimate items.

About Kelly: Has 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls. Holds an NVQ for child care. Will review childrens toys, childrens clothes, days out, adult keep fit equipment, clothing, reptile and snake welfare items, kitchen goods, household items, slimming goods etc but no intimate items.

About Craig: Married to Charlotte and has 2 boys.  Gadget mad. Mac user. Enjoys sport, mostly football.  Will review electronics, technology, sport equipment, car accessories and boys toys.

About Mark: Single dad to 1 little boy. Musician.  Interested in cooking, home brewing and cycling.  Will review pretty much anything – just ask and find out. Jack of all trades.

Site Details: October 2017

DA: 13

PA: 22

Reader demographics:

Women in the UK between 25-60
Men in the UK between 35-50

Traffic sources:

Google, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Technorati, Pinterest.

Social Media Statistics:

Twitter: @BockingsElmBabe (Jacqui) 17.4k Followers, @Kelz_Belz1 (Kelly) 3,774 Followers

Pinterest: jacquicitrus (Jacqui): 1,085 Followers

PR Collaboration:

We will accept free products or services in return for a review on the site if you have contacted us directly or via one of the sites we have listed offering reviews. We also review products or services if we feel that a review is necessary and in the interest of our readers through a product or service that we have obtained by winning a competition that we have entered. We will endeavor at all counts to give a totally, honest opinion.

Rates via Gift Cards/Vouchers:

£40 per post which includes 1 link, 2 photos with product alt tags and review/article written/pr supplied post.

We also give you the opportunity to hold a giveaway via our site on condition that we receive a duplicate of the prize on offer for ourselves. Gift Card/Voucher rates negotiable, so please contact us with your budget if this more than you are allowed as representation.

Advertising: Advertising opportunities are only offer by us on a purely ad hoc basis via a 125×125 ad in our sidebar where we see fit as part of:

A PR Collaboration project running continuously for 6 months or more
After being given a high value item for review (over £150)
Receiving a discount on a high value item (over 50%)
These are only offered on a 6 monthly basis after which the ad space is open for other contacts if we see fit. This is not mandatory and will not be included nor offered as part of normal product reviews or collaborations.

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