White Knight WK44AW Large Reverse Action Tumble Dryer


Drying clothes is important since it not only save time which would have been spent waiting for the clothes to dry, but it also ensures that one can plan their time well by washing clothes and wearing them after a few minutes. But to effectively dry clothes, one requires an ideal machine that can perform that task in time and without damaging the clothes. One of the most effective clothes dryer is the White Knight WK44AW large reverse action tumble dryer. This machine has the ability to dry clothes in an ideal and convenient way. This is facilitated by the diverse features that the machine is endowed with.

One of the features that this dryer is endowed with is that it is energy efficient since it consumes just three point three five kilowatts per hour. This means that one does not have to worry that the machine will consume a lot of energy and hence it can be used for long times. Furthermore, it is usable in two hundred and forty volts which is electric levels in almost every home. The machine can also be conveniently be used in homes since it has a noise level of just 69dB which means that it does not disturb the people in that particular home.

The tumble dryer has a weight of thirty two kilograms which means that it can be moved from one place to the other without much struggle. Even though it requires a plumber to install, the drier is free standing and hence it can be conveniently be placed in almost any place in the house. The dryer has dimensions of fifty three by fifty nine point six by eighty five centimeters. Consequently, the dryer does not occupy much space and hence it can be used in homes with limited spaces. Its access location is through the front which allows it to be placed agonist the wall and be readily used. It has a capacity of six kilograms hence allowing users to dry almost all the clothes that had been washed in one go.

This particular dryer is endowed with heat settings which allow the user to determine the temperatures that they would like their clothes to be dried on depending on the type of clothes being dried. Furthermore, it has two timers which give the user the freedom to time the dryer according to the time they have to dry clothes. The vent position of the dryer is on the rear consequently making it easier for users to access the front part. It is also fitted with an extendable hose that makes it possible to use it even when not next to the power source. Furthermore, its electricity has a reverse action hence making it safe and convenient to use even in homes.

One can readily purchase the knight WK44AW tumble dryer from different places including online. While purchasing online, one gets the option of it being shipped to the buyer’s location and hence one can purchase it from the convenience of their home and wait for it to be delivered. To assure buyers of its quality, one is provided with a one year warrant which means that if it breaks down within the one year, then the seller will pay for its repair or replace it with a new one.

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