BT 1000 Cordless DECT Phone Review

The BT 1000 Cordless DECT Phone is an easy to use handset from British Telecoms that comes with a stylish, classic design. It is packed with all the essential features designed to make your telephone experience easier. These include type II caller display, call waiting, 50 entries directory and a 20 number redial list. It offers an indoor range of 50m and an outdoor range of 300m and up to 12 hours of talk time, enabling you to make long, uninterrupted calls from multiple locations within your compound. It is packaged in a recyclable box and is very energy efficient making it environmentally friendly.

BT Deco 1000


Excellent user interface- it has a 1.6”, two-line dot-matrix display with an amber backlight making it easy to read. The buttons are large and are soft and rubbery making them easy to press without sticking.

The sound quality is much improved from earlier models and comes with a well-designed ear bowl, so you hear each word with clarity. It comes with a range of five ringtones with volume adjustable to deafening levels that are easy to hear anywhere within the home.

Number directory- you can save up to 50 name and number entries, so you don’t have to dial numbers manually each time. Additionally, the phone saves up to 20 redial numbers.

Great range and extended life battery- the BT 1000 has an outdoor range of up to 300m and an indoor range of 50 metres which gives you the freedom to move in and outside the house without fear of low signal interrupting your call. The battery allows up to 12 hours of talk time and 120 hours of standby time from a full charge.

Twin pack- this feature allows you to operate more than one phone in separate rooms in your home using only one base unit. You can have up to 4 sets using the same base unit.

BT Deco

Contents of the package- one base unit, one or more handsets, rechargeable batteries, start guide, chargers and power plugs depending on the pack you order and one phone line cord.

Other useful features include conference calling, auto answer, call timer, clock, alarm, secrecy feature, keypad lock and call waiting and out of range alert/indicator.


  • Easy to use- this phone doesn’t come with overly complicated functionalities which are sometimes challenging especially for first-time users and older users. It also comes with great user instructions.
  • Unlike most cordless phones, the BT 1000 has a ringer on its base station alongside the loud ring on the phone itself. Many users find this detail very useful since it makes it hard to miss calls when the phone is left in another room.
  • The phone is quite sturdy and withstands falls and impact impressively. Additionally, the case is glossy rather than polished smooth which gives it better hand grip and reduces the likelihood of slipping to a fall.


  • This phone does not have hands free functionality which is a bit of a let down for those who love to multitask while on the phone. However, the phone is very light and comfortable to hold.
  • The phone doesn’t come with installed caller display and this is only available as a chargeable subscription service from the network.
  • The build of the phone seems a bit flimsy. It feels fragile and cheap, but this is understandable given its low price. Some customers complain that the ringtones are overly loud, irritating and limited aesthetically. There is an upside to this however as your tone won’t be drowned out by any other sounds, not even your vacuum cleaner on turbo.


The advantages of this phone outweigh its downside convincingly. It comes from a company that is much respected in this niche and competes admirably with handsets in its price range and even supposedly more advanced models. With its simple display and classic design, the BT 1000 Cordless DECT Phone seems like a phone from an era gone by. However, it performs its central function, that of telephony impressively. It offers entry-level telephone operations that make it easy for even the most tech-wise challenged person to use. It is an impressive upgrade from previous models and offers excellent value for money for those looking for simple, reliable, no-frills telephony.

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