Denon AH-W200

The Denon AH-W200 In-Ear Wireless Noise Cancelling Headset creates pleasure and peace amid noise and confusion. Whether it is enjoying some pleasant music or making an important call on your mobile device, this Denon product offers excellent styling and sound quality. This company truly knows its way around sound. As a manufacturer that has been in the world of sound for more than a century, you will notice that it gives top priority to the quality of sound.

The AH-W200 headphones have an inbuilt amplifier to ensure great performance and boast a five-hour rechargeable battery. Whenever the battery is empty, all you need to do is to connect the removable audio cable to carry on with your music pleasure or just to recharge your battery.

The AH-W200 headphones also have Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity, which allows you to navigate through busy places. In addition, these headphones have both AAC and aptX decoding to offer quality audio and the Bluetooth connection, which means that they are the best headphones to use while one the go. It also features superior microphones and wireless controls, meaning that you can carry your mobile device in your briefcase, purse or even pocket. In order to change the volume, simply press the + or – buttons that are located on the right piece.


  • Lightweight and great performance
  • Compact design
  • Painless low end
  • Clean high end register


  • Quite uncomfortable fit
  • On board controls are difficult to use
  • Signal distortion
  • Not compatible with windows 8
  • Poor wireless connection
  • Like all other Bluetooth headsets , the battery life is a matter of concern

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