George Foreman Black 4-Portion Family Grill Review

There is no doubt that Foreman grills have changed the way we cook at home, and this is just one of many different models that are available as of now. However, with other companies have got in on the act to claim some of the market, it does make sense to check out this model as it is one of the first.

George Foreman Grill

What is the product?

The product itself is pretty self-explanatory as the title suggests and this model is more for the family due to it having the four portions. This particular grill does provide you with a much healthier way to grill various meats as well as vegetables, and you no longer have to worry about all of that fat content as it merely runs away into the drip tray that sits underneath. It comes with a non-stick surface and a hinged top cover which makes it easier to accommodate more significant pieces of food.

George Foreman Grill

Does it actually do a good job of grilling?

You do not sell as many of these products if it does not actually work. The George Foreman grill is easy to use, and it grills things evenly and without much hassle and is going to allow you to produce a tasty steak even if you are not the best cook. The only thing that you need to do is to time it and move the meat around if one end is thicker than the other to make sure that everything perfectly cooked.

What are the positives of this particular grill?

The first positive has to be the price because even this family sized grill does not cost you a lot of money to own. Next, as was said earlier, it can turn anybody into a good cook at least where meat is concerned as it is virtually impossible to make a mess of things. Using it is and keeping it clean should not be a problem thanks to its non-stick surface and a simple wipe clean should suffice. Now, does that not sound better than scrubbing a frying pan for ages?

There is also the fact that it is healthier than other grilling methods and everything is cooked in a matter of minutes as it prepares both the top and bottom at the same time. When you then throw in that slightly smoky grilled taste it adds as it is seared, then you are onto a real winner.

Are there any negatives?

It would be rare for a product to have nothing wrong with it, and this is indeed not one of those times. Perhaps the main issue is with it losing some of the non-stick surfaces after a period, but do you know something? The product is that cheap it is not a problem by just replacing it when that happens. You may also find a potential issue with the hinged top, but that can also be through wear and even with using it in the wrong way. Aside from this, there really are no other negatives unless you are trying to be particularly picky.


  • It is cheap to purchase
  • It is very easy to use
  • Keeping it clean is very easy and is as simple as a wipe with a cloth
  • It grills things fantastically well
  • It cuts cooking times in half
  • It is healthier as you lose the fat rather than absorbing it


  • The non-stick surface can peel off after time
  • The hinges can be slightly flimsy


When you look at the list of pros and cons, it is clear that you should indeed go ahead and purchase this George Foreman 18471 Black 4-Portion Family Grill as it is going to change the way that you cook. The product is so easy to use, it is easy to clean, it does a great job at grilling, and you are going to wonder why you never bought one before now. It is not expensive to purchase, and millions of people cannot all be wrong, can they? Do both yourself and your family a favour and splash out on this George Foreman grill now.

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