Google Chromecast Review

Google Chromecast is a small, portable device that plugs into a spare HDMI port on your TV. The whole idea of the device is that it allows you to stream media on your TV from online sources by using a computer, smartphone, or tablet as your remote. The USB drive requires a Wi-Fi connection and requires you to install a no-hassle app if you are planning on using it through your smartphone or tablet. The drive is powered via a USB power adapter, and is very discreet, more or less hiding behind your TV! Let’s delve deeper into this innovative little device!

Simple To Use

The great thing about Google Chromecast is its ease of use. The device does not require you to learn its own interface, as it is only a receiver and is completely controlled through a computer, smartphone or tablet. It lacks buttons, making it extremely user-friendly. Just plug it in, find the content you want to watch on your remote machine, and then simply hit the broadcast to Chromecast option. Boom, instant online streaming to your living room TV!

Different Uses

The Chromecast can be used in a multitude of different ways, making it attractive than more than one type of consumer. The device can stream YouTube, and Netflix phenomenally. It also has the ability to smoothly, and crisply stream music from Google Play music, giving people with surround sound speakers the chance to listen to all of their favourite songs as loud as they want! The Chromecast is also capable of mirroring a currently opened Google Chrome window, giving you the ability to surf the web while using your TV as the monitor!


The Google Chromecast is relatively cheap for what it is able to do. It’s priced at around £30 currently, which may seem a little steep, but the price is actually the second cheapest streaming devices on the market and the only other device that is cheaper lack the ability to stream Netflix.

Final Thoughts

While the Chromecast does exactly what it is supposed to do (streaming Netflix and YouTube), it doesn’t do much more than that. It lacks streaming services that some other devices support, but Google has promised that they are going to acquire more services in the future. The device almost seems to be an experiment for Google, with the potential of becoming the leading streaming destination. For £30, you do get a pretty neat little gadget that can turn your TV into a smart TV, but for now, the major appeal of the Google Chromecast should be what the future may hold for it!

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