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Sleepless nights caused by a restless child is something that all parents can relate to. As a parent is tempting to believe that the days of Saturday morning sleep in’s belong only to your pre-children days. But thanks to the innovative new Gro-clock you may be able to enjoy a couple more hours in the morning sooner than you think.

The Gro clock is specially designed to teach children what time they should wake and get out of bed. Using the images of the stars and sun children learn to tell the time and work out when it is appropriate to leave their bed.

The Gro-clock is designed to encourage your children to sleep longer in the morning. At the same time the Gro-clock is a fantastic way to teach your child how to tell the time. Read on to learn more about how the Gro clock works and if it is the best solution for you to get a better night’s sleep.

Key Features Of The Gro Clock Sleep Trainer

  • Key lock option allows for multiple wake-up times
  • Both digital display and pictorial time representations available
  • Adjustable brightness on the screen
  • Illustrated book to encourage your child to stay in the bed longer

How The Gro-Clock Works

The Gro clock has a brightly lit screen which display stars and the sun in the place of clock numbers. During the night the stars disappear one by one. Your child can tell how long they have until the morning by the number of stars that are left on the display. At the time that you have designated for your child to wake up the last star disappears and the sun comes out onto the display. At the same time the face of the clock turns into a yellow colour.


This teaches your child that they are allowed to wake-up when the sun comes up. Parents are often surprised to discover just how effective this is and how quickly children can learn that they need to wake when the sun comes out. As your child gets older you can switch the clock to a digital display instead of a pictorial representation of time.

The Pros Of The Gro clock Sleep Trainer

The Gro clock adapts to the needs of her child as they grow older. When your child is a first learning to tell the time you can use images of the stars and sun to communicate when they should be going to sleep and when they should wake up. As your child gets older you can switch to be digital clock function. This allows your child learn how to tell the time using a traditional digital clock, while still allowing them to use the same Gro clock that they know and love.

The Gro-clock features a pleasant looking display which is not overly bright. Also the brightness of the clock can be adjusted to the needs of your child. Being able to adjust the brightness is something that most alarm clocks designed for children do not feature.

The Gro-Clock sleep trainer comes with a keylock option which allows you to enter two different wake-up times. This is useful if you want have different wake-up times during the week and on the weekends. It is also good if you want to set another time and a daytime nap setting.

Another nice feature of the Gro-clock is the demonstration mode. You can use this demonstration mode to show your child how the clock works and how the face changes over time. This is a great way of getting your child to wake up at an appropriate time faster.

One issue with many household items that are designed for children is that they can be a little flimsy. The Gro-clock doesn’t fall into this trap. It is solidly constructed and can survive playful little hands.

Another standout feature of the Gro Clock Sleep Trainer is its appearance. Most children clocks tend towards a slightly cheesy appearance. The Gro-Clock on the other hand has a stylish and sleek appearance which would suit any modern child’s bedroom. With the option to switch to a digital face, this is not a clock that your child is going to want to get rid of once they are no longer a toddler.

Gro clock has made explaining to toddlers how the clock works much easier thanks to the sleepy farm children’s book that comes as an accessory. Through this picture book children can learn how the clock works in a fun and easy way. This takes the frustration out of giving your child used to their new Gro clock.

The Cons Of The Sleep Trainer

The Gro-clock retails for around £30. If not on special off, it is significantly more than some of the other competing products on the market. But as the saying goes you get what you pay for. The Gro-clock is incredibly effective at getting children to wake up at the right time. Parents questioning the price will have to decide just how much they value a few more hours of quality sleep.

Parents who want to enjoy a quality, long night sleep may want to consider investing in the Gro-clock sleep trainer. The Gro-clock looks great, children love it and most importantly it actually works. Children are surprisingly quick to understand what the pictorial representation of the stars and sun mean and start using the correct time to wake up. The Gro-clock is also a great way to start teaching a child how to tell the time. This educational toy is a real lifesaver for parents who would love their child to wake up at a time that is a little more suitable for everyone in the family.

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