Kindle Paperwhite

The launch of Kindle Paperwhite was a huge leap towards the future of e-reader technology. Its wide array of useful and innovative features overpowers what its predecessors can offer by a country mile. Many consider the Kindle Paperwhite as the best e-reader in the market today. But then again, does this device truly live up to its name? Read further and discover what this promising e-reader has to offer so you can personally decide if it truly has what it takes to be called the best.

An overview of Kindle Paperwhite

The Kindle Paperwhite is basically an electronic reader which boasts a high-resolution touchscreen. It is one of the most demanded e-readers in the market today due to its ingenious features and captivating screen.

Kindle Paperwhite is slimmer and has a noticeable sleeker design compared to the previous Kindle generation. It replaced the traditional silver paint with a new black finish which drastically improved the device’s overall aesthetic value. Simply looking at the Kindle Paperwhite’s new look will be enough to convince anyone that it’s tougher and better in more ways than one.

User experience

Kindle Paperwhite is not a conventional e-reader. It features a front light which brightens up the screen without stressing your eyes. You can freely control the brightness level allowing you to read regardless of the lighting condition. The most exciting part is that the Kindle Paperwhite’s screen light is evenly distributed to guarantee a comfortable reading experience.

Processing power is among the many aspects which separates the Kindle Paperwhite from known competitions. You won’t experience any lag while turning a page, playing demanding games, or using various applications designed for Kindle. You’ll feel the difference particularly when you decide to turn on your device’s Wi-Fi or use its onscreen keyboard as the Kindle Paperwhite’s new and improved processing power allows you to carry out any activity with ease.

You will also notice that texts displayed on Kindle Paperwhite are sharper. The boost in PPI from 169 to 212 really caused a huge difference in the Kindle Paperwhite’s readability. Older versions of Kindle with Pearl screens often suffer from pixilated and degraded texts which slowly improve as you stay on a page a bit more. You won’t experience the same problem with Kindle Paperwhite. Although degradation and flash refreshes are still present, they are lesser and almost unnoticeable.

Through Kindle Paperwhite, finding a good read is less time-consuming and hassle-free. You can freely access all the e-books offered in the Amazon store through the device’s “Cloud” tab. Buying an e-book and directly sending it on your device is also possible on Kindle Paperwhite. The level of convenience offered by this innovative e-reader is something you simply can’t find elsewhere.

Is it really worth buying?

The Paperwhite is an e-reader like no other. Its superior screen quality, functional front light, and easy-to-use controls made it a perfect choice for both casual and serious readers. Since the Kindle Paperwhite is reasonably priced and is built to last, you are left with every reason to grab your own and enjoy a much comfortable and enjoyable e-reading experience.

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