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About Jackie (Jay): Has a Media background in journalism, video production, radio production, radio presentation and has produced several voice-overs for national and local radio stations. Disabled with diabetes and neuropathy. Will review any type of household items, kitchen items, white goods, technology, food, drink, shoes, beauty items such as false nails, nail polish, gifts, dog items, slimming goods etc apart from intimate items.

Site Details: August 2018

DA: 14

PA: 16

Reader demographics:

Women in the UK between 25-60
Men in the UK between 35-50

Traffic sources:

Google, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Technorati, Pinterest.

Social Media Statistics:

Twitter: @BockingsElmBabe (Jacqui) 17.4k Followers

Pinterest: bockingselmbabe (Jacqui): 1,085 Followers

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