Pest Bye Battery Operated Cat Repeller – Ultrasonic Cat Scarer

Cats can be quite annoying especially when they decide to attack your home and the garden outside. Fortunately, there is an effective way to get these creatures off your surrounding. The Pest Bye Battery Operated Cat Repeller – Ultrasonic Cat Scare has proven to be an effective tool since it works on cats effectively. Its functions are quite impressive. The machine comes inclusive of a motion sensor and is fully waterproof. The functionality of this equipment works on an arch of 80 degrees and up a distance of 12 feet. This effective tool measures a height of 10.5 cm, width of 10.5 cm, and a depth of 4.7 cm.

How it functions

The Pest Bye Battery Operated Cat Repeller – Ultrasonic Cat Scarer is designed to offer loud frequency sounds that the cats hear but are too high for the human ear to pick up. These sounds frighten the cats thus driving them away. The sounds, however, do not have any effect on other species like the birds thus one can still have the birds hanging around the garden if they love the chirping sounds. This equipment also has the ability to drive away dogs, foxes, squirrels, rodents, roaches, and insects from the surrounding.

This equipment is battery powered thus can be put out in the garden to work from outside. It can easily be fitted to different regions in the outdoor environment including screwing it to the fence area or having it pinned to the ground. The waterproof feature also comes in handy thus enabling the tool to work well in the outdoor environment. It is able to withstand harsh and wet climates while still retaining its operability. This includes the rainy days.

The motion sensor in the machine is important. Coming with an infrared motion sensor, the machine is able to detect when a warm body is at its coverage area. The sounds are automatically turned on when the associated warm-blooded animals move into the area of its coverage. This usually saves on the battery life. In addition to this, it helps drive away the cat. Once the cat learns that the sounds are associated with its presence in the restricted area, they are likely to move away. However, if the sounds are left on at all times, the cat will know of the sound as a constant noise on the surrounding thus not stopping the cats from approaching the surrounding.

To benefit from the services the device can offer, one needs to install 4 AA batteries. The battery life usually depends on the number of times the device is activated. The average lifetime is usually 3 to 4 months assuming that it will only be activated at an average of 10 times a day.  If one is in a surrounding where cats and dogs loved to come and mess around, it may take from 2 weeks to a month for the device to have achieved its full effect to drive these away. If they own a dog that usually comes to the side of the garden where the device is, it will also be affected. However, if the dog stays indoors or if there is a neighbour’s dog on the other side of the fence, they will not be affected. This because the sounds do not travel through walls and fence.

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