Regaine for Men Hair Regrowth Foam Review

Did you know there are men in their twenties whose hair is already halfway receded? I have a colleague who is almost bald at twenty-six. His hair started thinning a few years back. He has been trying all manner of creams and drugs but you know what? Nature will and must take its course.

Hair loss is common especially for men over 25 years. Any man will tell you just getting his hair clean and neatly cut is the ideal life. Nevertheless, sometimes you have to bow to nature.

After a long search, trying every promising lotion and cream; my colleague landed on Regaine Foam. This hair solution promises 85% restoration of hair in four months. The company claims that 9 out of every 10 men are happy with the product.

Product Description

Regaine is purposely meant for hair loss management, it restores lost crown hair.

It does not work well for thinning hairline

You can use it alongside your usual hair products

If you use it twice a day, Regaine promises 85% of hair should be regained in approximately four months

It has a neutral but pleasant smell

Regain is made 5% minoxidil topical solution. This is an antihypertensive medication normally available over the counter for hair loss management.


Its role is to enlarge and revitalize hair follicles in order for the shrinking to stop or slow down.

It’s been proved to lengthen the hair growth phase

The re-growth of your hair is dependent on a few things;

I. The specific scalp area that is losing hair

II. How long you have been losing hair

III. The history of hair loss in your family

IV. The hair loss condition you are experiencing

Regain foam dries fast and it is easy to apply, unlike many hair products.

How to Use:

Regaine foam application is easy. You simply put a small amount on your fingers and rub it on the crown area two times every day. Allow the cream to settle a little before applying other styling products or blow drying.

Precaution and Side Effects:

This product is not fit for women and men less than 18 years. Some people experience slight Itching or irritation. If this solution accidentally touches your face, rinse it out thoroughly with cold water as fast as possible. If you have to go out in the sun immediately after application, it’s recommended you use a hat. Preferably one that will not touch the foam since it can stain. Continue using your hair products as usual. Choose mild products if you have to change. Always ensure you rinse the shampoos and conditioners thoroughly. If you wash your hair before using regain, ensure the scalp is completely dry. This ensures it is absorbed fully and will not evaporate or get diluted. Apply twice only. Do not get tempted to re-apply after outdoor activities like swimming.

Final Note

If you stop this using this product, you will lose the hair you regained and most probably go back to the original hair loss pattern. Always check with your doctor before using a new product and also get the facts right from the product page.

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