Shure SE535 In-Ear Sound Isolating Earphones

The Shure SE535 are a prime example of how exactly a sound isolating in-earphone should sound. The trick of introducing a “triple high definition micro-driver” consisting of two woofers and one tweeter, has definitely paid off. The E535 can amazingly play the individual sounds of different instruments distinctly without one bleeding into the other. It gives a superb performance, even with the volume cranked up to the highest level. Many inferior headphones have the problem where parts of the mix get distorted or they balloon out of proportion. With a comfortable SE535 earphone in your ear, you won’t have to worry about any such problems. Another superb feature of this earphone set is the inclusion of detachable cables which feed into each ear-bud. This not only helps reduce your time in untangling them but also allows you to change the cables in case they break or if there is too much wear and tear. This means that you do not need to replace the expensive ear-buds in case of any problem with the cable. Amazing isn’t it?


  • Has the notoriety of being the best in the business
  • Detachable cables


  • Price is a little high
  • Over the ear form rather than all just in the ear

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