The Angelcare AC401 Movement & Sound Monitor Review

Keeping an eye on your baby when they are in their cot is certainly something that every parent should be doing even if it is just for their very own peace of mind. Indeed, the popularity of this can be seen by the sheer number of baby monitors that are on the market, but this just makes life harder for people in trying to decide which one is best for their circumstances. One such product is the Angelcare AC401 Movement & Sound Monitor and it makes sense to look at the product in some detail.


The Basics And Features

This particular monitor is jam-packed with features that are simply going to make your nights far more peaceful than you could have ever imagined. To say that this particular monitor is extremely sensitive really would not be doing it justice.

Sensor Pad

The AC401 comes with a sensor pad that is placed under the mattress and this is going to monitor your baby for any movement that it makes. If there are no signs of them moving for 20 seconds, then it actually sounds an alarm to let you know, but it does pick up on the slightest of things, so do not expect it to be sounding on a constant basis.

Channels And Frequencies

This 2 in 1 monitor operates on eight channels and two frequencies and the result of this is that you are going to get crystal clear signals all of the time. This is extremely useful as the sensors are so sensitive that they can pick up even the slightest breathing motion by your baby and you will be able to monitor it without any kind of sound interference. If you are concerned as to whether or not it is still working even when they are sleeping, then you are going to be able to relax as there is a simple audio tic noise that lets you know that the monitor is indeed still working.

Angelcare AC401

Voice Features

There are a number of features on this monitor that are directly related to sounds including the ability to alter the volume remotely, the ability to mute it if you are actually in the room dealing with them, and even the option of switching to a vibration mode should you prefer that to the sound.

Controls, Indicators And Other Features.

This monitor will alert you when the two aspects are out of range and unable to work correctly. This can also happen when there is some kind of interference, but it is very precise in alerting you to a potential problem. It also has a special feature that tells you the temperature of the room that your baby is in and alerts you if it is too hot or too cold. There is also a soothing night light for them that just helps them to settle and of course make your life easier when it comes to checking on them.

Should You Buy This Monitor?

This is the big question. There is no doubt that this monitor does a pretty good job of keeping an eye on your baby and the fact that it does both sound and movement and can pick up on the slightest change and that is something that will help to calm any nervy parent.

The clarity that you get is also a major plus point and it shows that this is indeed a quality product as cheaper models will generally have a lot of interference, but there are no issues with the AC401. It should also be pointed out that the alarm is very precise, the temperature monitor is a useful addition, and with it working both with battery and the mains it does mean that it is completely portable and with it having quite a comfortable range, then there are very few grounds for complaint in this respect.

What you can see is that this monitor really is crammed full of extremely useful features, but of course, there are also a whole host of pros and cons with any product and this monitor is no different.


  • This monitor is extremely sensitive both for sound and movement
  • The parent control not only has an alarm, but it even shows the temperature in the room
  • The sound is crystal clear with perfect transmission
  • It is completely portable
  • It has a soothing night light. Most importantly, it works.


  • The sensor pad cannot be used with a memory foam mattress
  • There is no night vision or touch screen option with this model
  • There is no two-way talk


The negatives for this product are pretty insignificant and are certainly surpassed by the various positives of the Angelcare AC401 Sound & Movement Monitor. For the price, this is an absolute bargain and it will certainly make you feel safer about the health of your baby. It is extremely sensitive and picks up on the slightest changes and there is no way that you can put a value on that security.

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