The Giles Shaving Bowl

A little-known phenomenon has swept the UK this year unlike in decades gone by. Men’s grooming. It’s a big business with men all over the UK looking to refine their appeal to the ladies. So razors aloft, let’s take a look at one of the most sought-after items on a man’s shopping list.

The Shaving Mug

The 1970s were all about sideburns and Liberace, but many a Dad’s bathroom cabinets held amongst others, the obligatory bottle men were encouraged to “splash it all over” and what looked suspiciously like an odd-shaped mug.

Shaving Bowls have long been part of the barber’s arsenal, so it was destined to become an integral part of a man’s grooming routine at some point.

Ryan Giles produces wet shaving scuttles, bowls, brushes, soakers, and stands. The unique part about them – they’re bespoke and handmade.

All of my products are lovingly handmade on a potter’s wheel by myself in a small studio in Cardiff, Wales and came about through my interest in wet shaving. I have developed my range of shaving pottery through trial and error and working with other shaving enthusiasts from around the country.  Ryan Giles

Prices range from £14 up to £38 and come in a range of 3 colours. No self-respecting man should be without them!

shaving bowl

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